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On January 8th 2018 Revitalize Life Fitness is unleashing another wave of our FIT N 4 fitness and weight loss challenge! Let us help you lose weight, tone up and feel amazing! This all inclusive challenge is the jump start you need!

What we do for YOU!

At Revitalize Life Fitness And Life Coaching we have a wide array of services to fit your individual needs! Find out more about your personal transformation options below!

Fitness Classes

Burn fat, tone up, feel great, gain energy with our unique indoor fitness classes!

Personal Training

Train one on one with our world class personal trainers in our fully equipped state of the art fitness studio!
Life Coach Orlando

Life Coaching

Transform all aspects of your life with broad spectrum life coaching!

Xpress20 Burn and Xpress20 Build

Time efficient! Cost efficient! Maximum results!
Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Seminars

Join Coach Lew and Team Revitalize Life on a journey in to the balance of living a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable!

Transformations & Weight Loss Challenges

Find out more about our fitness & weight loss challenges and total make over transformations!

Tactical 30 Burn

Fat Burning Fitness Classes to get you slim, healthy and energized!
Body Comp Testing

Comprehensive Body Comp Testing

Know your numbers! Don't rely on the scale. Get complete comprehensive body comp testing that measures 12+ markers of body composition!

Your Outstanding Trainers and Coaches

Your Outstanding Trainers and Coaches

Team Revitalize Life prides themselves on having dedicated Coaches that will ensure your transformation is expedient, effective, fun and safe! Get to know the Team here!

Healthy And Delicious Recipes

Healthy And Delicious Recipes

Check out some cool ways to stay healthy, fit AND enjoy delicious foods and beverages!

See Our State Of The Art Studio Longwood!

See Our State Of The Art Studio Longwood!

Revitalize Life Has a fully equipped modern studio conveniently located! We have state of the art fitness equipment, tracking software and elite body comp testing!

Broad Spectrum Life Coaching

Life Coach Orlando

Broad Spectrum Life Coaching

Take your body, life, career, business, relationship or any aspect of your life to the next level! Break through what ever is stopping you and begin living the life you desire and deserve!

Essential Oils For Health

Essential Oils For Health

At Revitalize Life we are excited to offer you the opportunity to experience the difference of Doterra! Not only do we highly recommend these oils but we use them daily!